Website optimisation solutions and internet marketing strategies.

Facebook management

Very few people tend to write about when a service or product works. Most love to complain when something goes awry. Facebook gives that platform. We manage your brand & reputation, plus offering an upsell opportunity.

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Twitter management

It is very hard to generate direct business from Twitter. There is a use. It is perfect for telling the world about new product releases, special offers or upcoming promotions or real world meet ups. Ideal for getting people to notice you.

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YouTube management

Quite literally one of the most underrated and underused forms of social media marketing on the web today. Everybody loves to watch a good video and we make custom, exciting, attention grabbing web commercials inhouse.

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Google+ management

When something on the web proves to be popular, Google always want it. And so Google+ was born as a rival to the other social sites, but with a geeky Google feel to it style. It is going to take time to catch on.

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LinkedIn management

Whilst LinkedIn is a social platform, it is more for professional contacts unlike or opposed to other sharing sites. It is a good place to network as a business or to manage staff's professional online profiles.

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How we utilise Facebook

If your company isn't currently on Facebook, or if you have a registered business account but don't service it, we can not only get you up and running, but start getting people to like you and to follow on the social media platform.

If you already have a presence, small or large and want some to manage it full time, or even just outside office hours, we can work to these stipulations too.

We will use our expertise to utlise these popular platform to give assistance to your existing customer without forceably pushing your products or services down there throats.

We will also gently encourage people that may have a small interest in what you offer to follow you so that future promotions, offers etc,. can be shown to them, without being obtrusive.


  • Domain registration (if applicable).
  • Website design or redesign.
  • Hosting and email management,
  • Website management.
  • Search optimisation.
  • Pay per click management.
  • Social media management.
  • Blog(s) set up and management.
  • Online video production.
  • Ad buying and management.
  • Database implementation (if required).
  • Review management and promotion.
  • Email campaigns.
  • App design (Android and iPhone).
  • Complete statistical analytical analysis.


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Tweeting to existing and new customers

For those who are familiar with Twitter, and those who are not, the people on Twitter are not there to be advertised to. That is the biggest downfall other marketing companies make when managing Twitter accounts for other companies.

You get about 140 characters and you have to make them count without out and out selling to people, otherwise they will simply unfollow you and you have lost a potential future customer.

We will use Twitter to let people know of website updates, new blog content or other things they could find useful, including things like half price sales for retail outlets or other promotions for others.

It will be a source of information, to let people know what you and your business are up to, not a place to peddle services and wares. This subtle form of marketing will get people through to your website.

Web commercial and video production

A long time ago, having a moving picture TV style commercial was the realm of massive companies. With the Internet overtaking TV in the amount of time individuals spend on it, anyone and everyone can now have cost effective branding and promotion via web commercials. This is not just specific to having them appear on your YouTube channel, which we will set up for you, there are more than a few 'video websites' that can be utilised to get your promo videos out there, as well as featuring them on your own websites, blogs and other social profiles. Maximum webommercial exposure.

A business profile on Google

There are so many products available for ubsinesses to use from the omipresent Google, some are ongoing some come and go, some are free and some you have to pay for. One of the newer ones and also free to use for business is Google+. The long and short is it is a Google take on a social platform, where you can ¨create groups, share posts, videos and links and genenarlly just keep in touch with people.

We can set this up for you so you can  manage it yourself, or if you require, run it as a way of getting in contact with new contacts in business and generating new clients. Whether you want one set up independent of all your other products, or, a much better way of set up, have one Google account for all your commercial acyivity and accounts on Google, such as analytics and webmaster, it isn't problem for us. We will even match this socail platform with Google Local.

Business networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the lesser known social platforms but canan extremely powerful tool if you offer any services or products B2B. It's a place where yoyu register as a buisness owner or professional person first and foremost. There s no social aspect. Well, there is, however it is more of a business networking aspect. It is still individual people, not companies that are active on LinkedIn, so we recommend having accounts set up for your companies owners and also staff members.

It give them, in the eyes of other businesses, a very professional feel and adds to your companies professional online status. Also helps them network themselves and keep in contact on a proferssional level with any direct contacts they have for your company with other companies. However, basic disclaimers need to be signed by any member of your staff that we set up a LinkedIn account for.  

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What can you expect from social media marketing

There are two aspects we can focus on. We have mainly talked about the brand management side, whereby we manage your reputation and customer contact through your social platforms, promoting offers and services discreetly and working on building up genuine followers.This has two major benefits. It gives you the opportunity to generate new business from the social platforms themselves, by offering advice and information to the Internet socailites, plus, it is also another form of contact people can use IF a product or service they have purchased from you has failed to worked. we can take the nature of the enquiry and pass it to the right person.

One form of marketing we haven't touched on is paid for advertising. The beauty of advertising through these platforms, is that everyone HAS to register. Age, name, location, marital status, employment, hobbies etc., This makes it possible to get adverts beamed directly to certain types of people targetting demographics rather than just blanket advertising. Not only that, with the use of cookies, adverts can be beamed directly into timelines to fit certain styles of conversations based on keywords.

For instance, one paid for display campaign we run, we have been given permission to publish about, is a sporting good retailer in Germany. The advertising account on Facebook is most active when the Bundesliga (German Football League) are up coming, playing and post match. this also coincides with a spike in website visits and sales directly from running advertising campaigns on the social networks.

The great thing in the UK at the moment, is very few businesses are actually taking advantage of thie social platforms when it comes to advertising. With the use of cookies people agree to on their sign up to Facebook and co, we can set up an advertising to be triggered during certain conversation types. So, if you are a convetancing solicitor in London, we can creat advertising accounts that are targetted to people in London only and also triggered in conversations about 'moving house', 'selling a house', or 'buying a house' instigated by anyone who is registered with a London address. Simple, yet effective and largely untapped at this present time.

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Social platforms come and go, like MySpace as an example. Nowhere near as popular as it used to be. Or Pinterest which is one of the new comers and gaining massive momentum quickly. Or there is using Instagram for images. A full blown social media management campaign will emcompass the majority of all social platforms, not the five we have focused on within this information. You should contact us so we can draw up a plan, free of charge to give you an idea of what we could offer to fit your budget.