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  • Domain registration (if applicable).
  • Website design or redesign.
  • Hosting and email management,
  • Website management.
  • Search optimisation.
  • Pay per click management.
  • Social media management.
  • Blog(s) set up and management.
  • Online video production.
  • Ad buying and management.
  • Database implementation (if required).
  • Review management and promotion.
  • Email campaigns.
  • App design (Android and iPhone).
  • Complete statistical analytical analysis.


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In recent years, there has been a shift in how UK businesses advertise themselves. Gone are the days of ITV commanding huge sums of money from corporate clients for prime time advertisements. The reason for this: the World Wide Web and Internet marketing. More people in the UK are accessing information through different portals and mediums at any given point in time, than watching any given TV programme. Now, we are in an age, where a full flash dhtml pop-up on the front page of a major search engine like Wanadoo is going to be seen by more people in a given twenty four hour period, than are watching an episode of Coronation Street.

Where the web succeeds where television failed, is that getting your business prime space in front of UK web users, is relatively cost effective.

Whether you are looking at being a sponsored or featured listing and pay on a cost per click model or if you would like to run a full campaign through the leading I.S.P. Channels, AdMain have access to all areas. Many companies offer many different strategies, the trick you need to master is finding the type of campaign that suits your products or services - sportswear suppliers need presence on sports related sites, not finance related. Too many advertising agencies try to push just one form of online marketing, rather than assessing the needs of their clients or potential clients.

Through all the different forms of internet, web site, search engine, email, direct, network, viral, affiliate and online marketing and advertising available, AdMain, rather than push just one form, will scrutinise your key market, or demographics, whether you are a designer clothes outlet, real estate or property developer, finance, loan or mortgage broker or even sell tractors, we look at how and where your market actually uses the web and looks for your products, and target a campaign that works for you. 

As an example, you may have invented a brand new product, which no one knows about, what it does, or even what it is called. There is no point being number one in the meta crawler or pay per click engines - because no one is going to search for it. In that instance, you need some form visual creative design appearing in or on high traffic or prime sites. AdMain has the resources and knowledge to build a campaign that suits your model. The United Kingdom is filled with impulse buyers, get your products or services in front of these people, in the places they 'surf' and you are onto a winning formula. AdMain understands the mentality of these people and can offer solutions like link strategies to place your site in front of these people, while they are in the safety of their own home.

Let AdMain take care of your Internet Marketing - get a tailor made solution that works for you. Feel free to give us a call, we do not use high pressure sales techniques and force you to make a snap decision. The majority of our customer base is repeat business and what is termed viral or word of mouth recommendations, however, we do like people to get in contact with us to ask what we can actually do. We get a buzz out of new challenges. Call, email, message or even send a carrier pigeon - let us do it right first time for you.

Call and speak to one of our polite members of staff on 0203 287 9654 or click to use our 'Call Back' web form.