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  • Email campaigns.
  • App design (Android and iPhone).
  • Complete statistical analytical analysis.


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Internet advertising companies are widely available across the web. Some agencies have been around for years and some for not so long. For your online business to succeed, it is imperative that you spend your marketing budget with an agency that can not only offer Internet advertising strategies, but deliver the type of promotion that will appeal to your core market or target demographic, thus maximising the potential of any and all of your campaigns relating to Internet advertising.

A good web marketing company, before initialising any online advertising campaign, should study your target audience or demographic. Many marketing campaigns fail simply because the ad agencies will only sell one product and just push this one style of advertising. The key factor for any business advertising campaign is to understand the advertising demographics, like target age groups and localisation. If your services are advertised to the right people in the right places on the net, then your chance of having a successful strategy increases dramatically. Below we have given a brief overview of a few of the Internet advertising campaigns commonly available on the web today.

Pay per click, shortened to ppc, or cost per click, shortened to cpc will give you placement in the top pages of search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo under the section heading sponsored or featured listings. Initially, it will give you good placement very quickly, much quicker than an seo package and is a proven way of traffic generation, however, the cost of pay per click can spiral as you not only have to pay for each and every website visitor, but bid against your competitors, similar to an auction. The higher you bid, they higher you rank in the sponsored or featured section.

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a way of designing your website to rank high in popular search engines for keyword searches that are relevant to your business. If your search engine optimisation is successful, it is the single most powerful and cost effective way of generating online business sales or enquiries. SEO can take quite a long period of time to start generating website visitors, but once it does, all your visits do not cost anything.

Banner advertising is probably the oldest form of Internet advertising marketing and is still going strong. There are many portals offering banners and buttons for sale and it is still a popular way of getting you website 'out there'. There are many places to buy banner advertising from, including Orange and Lycos. However be aware that this form of marketing has a low click through rate and shouldn't be considered for your main focus unless you are branding.

Video website advertising is coming soon to AdMain. Advertise in-video on themed video sites, at the end of the video or around the actual video. Bookmark us for future updates.

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