Website optimisation solutions and internet marketing strategies.


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Great unique stylings and website branding available to your specification combined with ease of use and functionality for the end user, a customer or potential new customer. Simplistic yet slick, your clients will love it.



AdMain Code, content, seo and conversion optimisation 64x64 greenIt's not just about a specific search engine. Optimisation is also about delivering your website as quickly as possible in a responsive format so that it looks good on all devices like phones, desk tops & even TV's. 



AdMain content writers 64x64 blueContent is King. Always has been always will be. How do we know not working for Google? Simple. We get asked for help regularly by people who's websites have been rated 'pure spam' in their Webmaster tools accounts.



AdMain social media management 64x64 yellowLove it or hate it, social media platforms, like Facebook are fast becoming the new search engines as far as usage goes. Not having a presence is akin to not opening a town centre shop on a Saturday afternoon.



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More than just a positional report. Get the stats on which search engine or social website, what keyword if any, which pages were frequented, whether you have website functionality bottle necks that need attention, the full works.



AdMain.Co.UK:Nationwide and local SEO specialists.

Call and speak to one of our polite members of staff on 0756 1415 082 or click to use our 'Call Back' web form.

OUR ONLINE EXPERTISE       AdMain.Co.UK:Pay per click management.

You don't get an account manager, you get a full dedicated account team.

Analysis, strategy, implementation. We are in an industry were it isn't 'one size fits all'. Practically every industry on the web has a key demographic that, when tapped into can yield rewards that are simply unparalleled through any other medium.

From having long standing key partnerships with the leading domain registrars, to having root level access to the most state of the art servers for hosting solutions through our testing privileges with cPanel, our expertise is unsurpassed.



  • Domain registration (if applicable).
  • Website design or redesign.
  • Hosting and email management,
  • Website management.
  • Search optimisation.
  • Pay per click management.
  • Social media management.
  • Blog(s) set up and management.
  • Online video production.
  • Ad buying and management.
  • Database implementation (if required).
  • Review management and promotion.
  • Email campaigns.
  • App design (Android and iPhone).
  • Complete statistical analytical analysis.


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UNRIVALLED QUALITYAdMain.Co.UK:Social media management.

We will make your business and products or services stand out in the crowd.

Its quite simple. We produce quality design, results and reporting simply because we treat your website like it was our own baby. You are more than just a client. When you sign up to an AdMain campaign, you become a extended member of the family.

We only use the best tools and partner with the most respected companies to bring you a service that SEO consultants and other digital marketing media and advertising agencies find very difficult, if not impossible to compete with.



Can't say. We don't know........................ yet. That is because diferent industries and sectors selling different products or offering different services have varying core markets. Yes, there are generic markets out there, mobile phones for instance is a blanket market. However not everything is so simple. For example, there is no point advertising Club 18-30 holidays on portals or through social media pages that are frequented more often than not by retired folk.


One thing is for sure, everybody's website needs to be optimised for customer rentention, and conversion. Through our storied and relatively long online marketing history and with recent updates to the biggest traffic generation website of them all, Google, we have found that traditional search engine optimisation is dead. What we now understand is that if a website is optimised for conversion and visitor retention, then it will rank highly in Google. That is half the battle won. Good representation and keyword specific visitors in and from the main search engine. We will achieve this for you. Click to learn more.

Call and speak to one of our polite members of staff on 0756 1415 082 or click to use our 'Call Back' web form.

Whilst Google's share of the search market is dominant, reaching up to 90% of searches undertaken in the UK in 2013, there is a relatively new online phenomena that is largely untapped at this time.


Practically everybody is using it in one shape or another. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name drop a few. And these interactive, sharing, mass communication websites are popping up all the time. Have you heard of Google+? Or Pinterest perhaps? Which ones are actually popular, which ones are dieing out, who are the new kids on the block in the social enchelons? 

We can and will manage all your profiles across the best social media platforms, combined, if required with an advertising campaign to get your company in front of people that are looking, or in need of your products or services and researching throughthe popular social media portals. We will turn your social media profiles into a viable business generating platform. Get in touch to discuss what we can offer with being obliged to take up any campaign we offer. Click to learn more.


Do you need or want to create brand awareness? Or do you have a unique, relatively unknown product that you would like get out there? Have you got a massive promotion on products or services and need to target geographical locations or an event up comiong that is your most productive time of year?

We can use our standing in the market place to literally purchase hundres of millions of advertising slots across the web to be displayed to gender, age groups or by geographical location. Click to learn more.

Call and speak to one of our polite members of staff on 0756 1415 082 or click to use our 'Call Back' web form.

If its to do with the web, or anything online, be it a mobile app, a new website, a redesign of an existing website, hosting domain registration, help with email,
database set up or problems, coding issues, SEO, pay per click management through Google AdWords or Bing, website tracking, campaign tracking, anything, get in contact. We do not charge any consultation fees.