Website optimisation solutions and internet marketing strategies.

Backend coding and design

So what exactly  does Google want from the websites that it would like to rank highly? Different people from within the company itself say conflicting things. Keep the same design & code for as long possible or change it?

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Original content

A key, in not major factor is high quality, well written, informative content, that is completely unique to your own website. We employ academically educated writers who will study your industry to bring the best content available.

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Navigational sitemaps

Using sitemaps and navigational structure to help your search engine ranking goes fare beyond a single sitemap. GoogleBot will crawl your website by following the internal links not sitemap so you need good navigation.

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Analytical monitoring

It is astounding how much a sites analyticaly monitoring can increase business. Fundamental things like spotting bottle necks and using funnels to get users to a desired page on a site is paramount in conversion optimisation.

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Webmaster account

The ONLY way to stay on top of how your website, or websites are performing and being view by Google themselves. A Google webmaster account WILL help us see what is & iusn't working & lets Google comment on the site too.

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Website Navigational accessibility

It has got to be quickly accessible. When people are looking for information about your products, services or even your company, it literally has to be found at most three clicks away from where ever they are located on your web site.

It's not only for real people that all pages on your site, that you would like to appear in search results, but also for the GoogleBot. Yes you can submit a sitemap via Webmaster tools, but, it is much better for Google to index you automatically.

So an XML sitemap should be submitted via your WebMaster account. You should also have a standard page, or pages that structures your website layout.

Then there are other factors that can have a separate site map, such as news feeds. AdMain will structure everything for you in prefect order as part of your optimisation for Google ranking.


  • Domain registration (if applicable).
  • Website design or redesign.
  • Hosting and email management,
  • Website management.
  • Search optimisation.
  • Pay per click management.
  • Social media management.
  • Blog(s) set up and management.
  • Online video production.
  • Ad buying and management.
  • Database implementation (if required).
  • Review management and promotion.
  • Email campaigns.
  • App design (Android and iPhone).
  • Complete statistical analytical analysis.


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Modern day external link building

Getting people to link to your website is still the cornerstone of ranking highly in Google, however in 2013 they toughened their stance on the type of link and how it pointed to your website, to try and combat spammers who were blitzing Google search results.

2014 is going to be a masive year for link building. Now that SEO companies are fathoming what is required post penguin, the art of talking website owners and webmasters into linking out is going to be paramount. The key is going to have to be high quality content.

When we start a website optimisation campaign, our first focus is on quality. That is the quality of the clients website from a design point of view, and the quality of the written content.

However, a good link is by defeintion, not a high PR link. With the majority or websites using Google Analytics, we feel as long as a backward link generates traffic, its a good link. We focus on that.

Why is Google so special?

We feel, more by luck than design, Google emerged as the player in the search industry on the web. The two guys that set up the company actually spelled thename wrong in the first instance. Google, should actually be Googol. However, their luck didn't end there. Being none business or marketing people, their emphasis was on search results, not on monetisation. Which mean't in the very early days, when other protals such as MSN, AskJeeves and Lycos were busy filling pages with banner adverts and other garish adverts, Google was clean, quick and easy.

Turned out, in those early days, Larry and Sergy got it spot on without realising it. Us Internet users didn't flashy banner adverts and stuff thrown out us that may have been half relevant. We wanted and probably still do, want information. Quick and clean. Which is what Google offered. How ironic that in this modern day and age, some categories of search on the search giant is actually splattered with more advertising than search results.

What does it take to rank highly in the search engine?

Irrespective of what other SEO companies may have told you in the past, first and foremost is quality. A standard wordpress template will just not cut it anymore. Neither will adding content for contents sake by regurgitating articles and press releases from other sources. You need quality, you need orginality, you need popularity and you need longevity.

There are spokes people for the company that insist that a website doesn't have to be one hundred percent perfect. They state that some of the best information available comes from old, basic html websites. Which is fair enough. However, if you update products, content, your address, even the year at the bottom of the page in the new year, typically all coding should be cleaned and updated in line with updates. Your website is practically a living thing. Keeping it healthy is only good for position in Google search results. We can bring your website up to modern standards for you.

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Its not just about optimising code and content though

Popularity. Popularity breeds popularity. Regardless of what you may read or be told, having people link to you is still a fundamental aspect of improving visitors from Google. Search engine optimisation has evolved, Google has evolved. There was a time not long ago, when as long as the web page that linked to you was on topic, it was generally thought that it would be classed as a decent backlink. Google has smartened up.

We go back to quality. For instance, a directory listing before the 2013 update, was on topic and would help you move up the rankings. Now Google seems to recognise plug in and play scripts, and if it detects too many, could conceiveably class them as low quality, therefore, en masse, class it as spam. A hand full of directory links, for instance, from Dmoz, or directories local to your geographical location may suffice, but full on directory submissions are now a big fat no-no.

Likewise, basic wordpress scripts. There have been a spate of link building companies in recent times that found they could set up systems which automatically generated hundreds, if not thousands of basic wordpress websites. Using something called content spinners, which is simply a robot that rewrites an article, they could keep adding 'spun' content to these sites, keeping them fresh and using the content to link to websites. Doesn't work anymore. Because they are so basic, because the content is poor, Google is able to flag the sites as spam.

However, we are not saying do use wordpress. We actually offer a blog management package whereby we build and maintain a high quality wordpress blog for you. It's about the quality, not the quantity. It's also about traffic.

There are also times when sometimes, advertising has to be bought. If we find a website that matches criteria and the webmaster will not link to you because you have a quality website, we will offer them money. However, we will stipulate that a nofollow attribute be used on any paid advertising links. A nofollow attribute beasically tells search engine robots not to follow the link, so not cunting it towards your link popularity.

Does Google not count nofollow links? In the past, we have set up websites that have only had nofollow links installed and the sites have still be indexed.You can draw your own conclusions from that.

To recap, a good link is on topic or relevant. It comes from a well designed website. The content on that site is also unique and not spun. The link also has to generate you traffic.

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Does SEO still work on Google?

Of course it does. However, it is all about quality, not quantity. It's about popularity more than links.

For instance, it is now widely thought, that popularity through social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have a baring on search ranking. Again, it comes back to traffic. If google can see you are getting people through to your website from social platforms, the pure logic of the situation should state that you have a quality and push you up the rankings.

BUT, you cannot just concentrate on one platform for this. It looks unnatural if you are only popular on Googleplus for example, but not on any other platform. We have a package, a social management package whereby we set up and workl on improving your social standing through the top platforms in the world, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

By increasing your standing and also traffic to your website from this sites, we can also increase your ranking in the search engines.

So in a nutshell, search engine optimisation for Google does still work, it has simply evolved. We evolved with it.

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