Website optimisation solutions and internet marketing strategies.

Brilliant level of English

We have a number of UK born writers that we use on most of our projects. So whether it is on a full website design or redesign, or if it is updating your blogs or social profiles, it will be written by a well educated English author.

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product knowledge

Our writers will go above and beyond to learn about your products or services. We are hoping for long term business relationships, which means we have to know as much as your employees about what you sell or offer.

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Competitor analysis

Knowing all about the other companies in your industry helps us write more engaging content for your potential new customers to read. We don't bad mouth them, we just offer better information on your website for you.

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Unique writing style

In all cases, we aim to have the same set of writers working on the same aspects of any online marketing campaigns we undertake for you. This means that everything is always written in the same, familiar style.

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Hand written content

What ever we are working on, we always have the niformation hand written. Even if it the same theme repeatedly, we never use a content spinner and always use authors that are native to the country it will be published in.

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Academic standard

There is nothing worse than visiting a website, starting to read what it is about and finding that it is  not only poorly scripted, but also grammatically terrible and littered with spelling mistakes.

You can smell a mile off, those websites and businesses that have gone for the cheap design or marketing option and outsourced to places like India or Pakistan purely through the attrocious level of written English.

Or even, when you are read something and it smacks of being an pld article that has been piut through a content spinner over and over again to try and generate new pages from it.

Whether we are writing for an English, A German, Swedish or anywhere, we will only use graduates native to that locale, which means perfect content every time.


  • Domain registration (if applicable).
  • Website design or redesign.
  • Hosting and email management,
  • Website management.
  • Search optimisation.
  • Pay per click management.
  • Social media management.
  • Blog(s) set up and management.
  • Online video production.
  • Ad buying and management.
  • Database implementation (if required).
  • Review management and promotion.
  • Email campaigns.
  • App design (Android and iPhone).
  • Complete statistical analytical analysis.


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Knowing your business

What many, if not most marketing and advertising agencies fail to grasp is the concept about them actually knowing the products or services of the company they are working for.

Most of them think purely about a catchy sales pitch and not what the potential customer may want to know about a particular product or service. We fully study and research you and your industry to a level where our product knowledge is as good as your own staffs.

Plus on ongoing contracts we sign up and read all the press releases that are relevant to your core business and also trawl and post to industry specific forums and other relevant websites.

In effect, we aren't just a marketing agency you are outsourcing too, we are becoming interwoven into the very fabric of your business model to help you maximise business from the web.

Your industries take on products

It is vitally important to have your competitors monitored on the web. It's not spying, it is making sure your website and content is one step ahead. For instance, if you have a news channel or blog set up for you, either on your website or on an external source loike Blogger, if you can get that breaking news published first onto the web, it is highly likely that it will bring people looking for your services or products to you, rather than them. Plus, researching other businesses in your industry gives us a further, deeper insight into what it is you offer, and your target markets. The big and little of it, is, knowledge is power and the more we arm ourselves with on your behalf, they more business you will gainm from the web, all simply be well written content and an ever imnproving product and industry knowledge.

The same authors working full time for you

It isn't that difficult to tell when writers are changed on popular blogs and industry news feeds. Nearly all writers have an individual writing style. Most use specific turns of phrase and colloquilisms unique to themselves. People that frenquent certian blogs and websites because the informatioln published is relevant to them, will be able to tell when an author has changed. We have found through experience that it is better to keep thje same writers on the same projects.

Occasionally, there may be a guest post. However if you are looking at regular, long term articles to be published regularly we will do all ion our power to make sure you ge tthe same writers time and time and time again. It's whats best for business.

Brand new written information

There are, and they are widely used, softwares out there called spinners. What they do is they take an existing article and rewrite it. Spin it. Spammers are using this technology to write literally dozens or articles to publish to the web quickly. These spinners do work to a fashion. Poorly. They take words, even phrases and full sentences and swap them for their dictionary definetions. They tend to come out gobble degook more often than not. We never use them.

You see, search engines have grown quite smart. They are almost at the point of being able to read web content, but the use of verbs, adjectives and nouns. They can tell if it is a spun article. When a spun article is detected, it is eradicated from search engine listings, so any potential traffic it could generate you is gone. Plus, if there is a link back to your main website in that content, it will be flagged as spam and hurt your search engine rankings. Also if the article has been accredited to an author in your company, it will also count against their expertise.

We only offer the best

We never take short cuts. We never offer a rushed, or half hearted content weriting service. We can also combine any written content translated by real, human translators into two languages in house, German and Swedish, or more by using our contacts in the translation industry.

Call and speak to one of our polite members of staff on 0203 287 9654 or click to use our 'Call Back' web form.