Website optimisation solutions and internet marketing strategies.

Google analytics

The only way to get complete and undiluted real time stats about where your website traffic is coming from, how it came, via search, adverts, direct hit, where they visited, and where they exited.

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Google webmaster

The webmaster tool from Google is needed to get the best out of analytics as it shows a more indepth profile of search traffic keywords from Google. It also empowers Google to be to make contact directly.

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Bing webmaster tools

Gives the full and complete lowdown on all things relating to Bing itself and also Yahoo. Submit sitemaps and see up to dates statistic about traffic generated from both the portals.

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Server side statistics

The beauty of using the actual server that you host a website on, is that it can only report with what it sees. So we get to see things like bandwidth usage, spikes in traffic and other useful related stuff.

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How we can report

You get access to everything by your own log in. We also understand that time is precious, so we can set up reports to be delivered at a frequency you want, daily, weekly or monthly.

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Which website tracking is best

Each and every type of website tracking serves a purpose and has it's own unique benefits and disadvantages. It all depends on how indepth, or how important it is to analyse how visitors are interacting with your web pages from first visit to exiting.

Some of our clients are even wary of using the Internet onmipresent Google Analytics tracking programme through a dislike of giving the company their details web traffic information.

Some don't think it is important to be able to go through the who, were and why of people visiting their site and are only concerned with how many hits.

Therefore, before settling on a predetermined tracking system, we talk it through with you and match your needs with one or more tracking solutions to bring you reports that are tailored to your needs. this means we can simplift reporting to bring you the most efficient reports.


  • Domain registration (if applicable).
  • Website design or redesign.
  • Hosting and email management,
  • Website management.
  • Search optimisation.
  • Pay per click management.
  • Social media management.
  • Blog(s) set up and management.
  • Online video production.
  • Ad buying and management.
  • Database implementation (if required).
  • Review management and promotion.
  • Email campaigns.
  • App design (Android and iPhone).
  • Complete statistical analytical analysis.


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Why use webmaster tools

Not so long ago, website tracking was all you needed to monitor performance of a website. Using something simple would inform you of how many visitors your had, how many pages they looked at on your site and where they happened upon your pages from.

However, with the boom of Internet usage over the last ten years, using back end tracking and tools to best see how perfromance is going or can be improved has become vital.

Webmaster tools enable you, or us on your behalf, to tell popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo of new updates to your website and offer extra insights to performance which statcounters may not.

It also gives the search engines a chance to contact us if any problems occur, such as the server being down, site hacking and malware being detected, or unsavoury SEO techniques employed to manipulate search rankings.

Tracking via Google

For those that don't mind giving Google 100 percent access to where your website traffic comes from, Analytics is available. It is probably, as you would expect from Google, the single most technologically advanced piece of free to use tracking software available. It offers everything any website would need to track many sources of website visitors, from organic traffic, to using snippets of code to track AdWord (pay-per-click) visitors, independently, or any form of paid advertising including visits from email campaigns and the like.

However, true to form with the search giant, although it is 'plug and play' (simply add a few lines of code to the pages you would like to track) it is a pretty daunting piece of kit to understand and get used to using. There literally hundreds are things you can do with it, from testing funnels and seeing the results (setting up tests to see what type of navigation or even style of web page gets visitors to a certain point on the site), and tracing bottlenecks (tracking visits to see if there is anywhere people get stuck or drop off the site) and much more. It really does take time to get used too.

And further more, recently, a lot of the tracking data became blocked on Analytics itself,. Things like search engine keywrods are now only visible on the Webmaster or Adwords interfaces. Typical of Google to get you to use more of their products, which means if you require top of the range tracking, it has to be managed for you. We will do this as part of any marketing campaign. Either for that individual campaign, or your whole site irrespective of whether we run any other advertising programmes for you.

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Tools for webmasters

Initially the webmaster tools functions introduced by the popular search engines was siomply a way of be able to tell them about all the pages on your website, or to inform them of any updates you may undertaken, or had performed for you on your behalf. These things have evolved, and now, especially with Google, the webmaster account has to be used as an extension of their analytics tracking.

Both the aforementioned and Bing, which also controls results for Yahoo now use this interface to keep you up to date about if they find any problems with your websites, from server downtime, to if they detect you have bneen hacked and malware installed and even if they feel you are employing tactics that are frowned upon by them to manipulate your site in search results.

They really make it difficult for the small to medium size business owner difficult to keep abreast of their website on top of their actual business. We take care of all that for you should you require on any marketing campaign you use us for. However, if you only webmaster accounts, setting up and/or monitoring, we can do that a lot more cost effective and productive than employing a member of your own staff to work on it. Get in touch, you will be surprised to hear how little it would actually cost you per month to have full webmaster and/or analytics monitored.

What the website server can tell us

For a very general overview of statistics, there are always server logs to view. We can get an understandfing from this, at a very basic level of how busy the site is. It is possible to see how much bandwidth is being used, how many visitors, split into new and returning, where they are coming from and what are the peak times. It is really at a glance fundamental stuff, but gives a quick insight before going more indepth to try and improve conversion performance.

After all, that is the sole purpose of all these forms of tracking. To improve the ratio of visitors to business. Conversion optimisation.

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The many form of performance reporting

We always offer our clients direct access into all the differing forms of tracking and website tools we have access to ourselves. Some prefer to view the data themselves, live or over a historical period. However, not everybody has the time, or the know how to use all the tools on offer to view the performance of advertising or marketing campaigns. This is why we can set up periodic reporting.

Certain statistics, if required, such as how many visitors and how many conversions can be sent through daily if required. However, the more indepth analyses, such as traffic sources, page mapping and other more complicated aspects, along with ranking positions in the actual search results are better sent either weekly or monthly. That is simply because the anmount of data being corrulated would take you too much time to get through each and everyday.

But, we are flexible. We will send tailored reports how ever you want. So if you only require certain bits of data, we will not flood you with everything else that you don't want to, or can't be bothered looking through. There is no point us sending you through stuff you are only fo ing to delete and not even look at.

Get in touch today and we will actually send you through a example of how we could report your website usage through to you.