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  • Domain registration (if applicable).
  • Website design or redesign.
  • Hosting and email management,
  • Website management.
  • Search optimisation.
  • Pay per click management.
  • Social media management.
  • Blog(s) set up and management.
  • Online video production.
  • Ad buying and management.
  • Database implementation (if required).
  • Review management and promotion.
  • Email campaigns.
  • App design (Android and iPhone).
  • Complete statistical analytical analysis.


0203 287 9654

No-one, not even we can tell you exactly what methods to implement into your site for good ranking. After all, the last I heard was that at 'Googleplex', there are over one hundred and twenty departments all working on the search algorithm, so if you think about it logically, that's one hundred and twenty factors going into good placement.


However, there are a couple of key factors that seem to aide good placement and these consist of well written individual content, keyword placement in the page title and a good link strategy, both internal and external, which we will fully explain to you once you decide to use our services. We do not hide anything, and every technique we use is specifically within search engine guidelines.

One thing that optimisation or marketing companies do not tell you, is a major factor is how long your site has been online. If you have had a page on the front page of a search engine for three years, then that page is entrenched in the search results and probably wouldn't be shifted with dynamite. Some sites where just designed sticky.


This may sound simple, but try implementing and see where you get. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Search engine optimisation is not an exact science, but it is almost there and it can be one of the most frustrating things on the planet. Ask the guy on top of the second page of results.

AdMain can offer you a part or full optimisation service to suit your needs. Whether you just want your home page, products or service page or your full site optimising, we can offer you a first class service. Just take the work as is, or opt in to our monthly update package (highly recommended), the choice is yours. Prices do start as little as 99.00 U.K. Pounds for a one page revamp, but do vary depending on the size and style of your site. Feel free to contact us under no obligation for a free consultation.

Call and speak to one of our polite members of staff on 0203 287 9654 or click to use our 'Call Back' web form.